About Gibson Centri Tech


The Gibson Family have been associated with Centrifugal Casting Machinery for over half a century. Early machine development was instigated by Douglas Gibson a Foundry Engineer after he set up an Engineering business in the 1950’s. Joined by his son Martin Gibson a decade later their experience grew, with major involvement in the design of vertical, variable axis and horizontal centrifugal casting machines. This included the development of large roll making equipment by vertical spin casting and the development of high volume equipment for engine cylinder liner and tube production.

The Company

Gibson Centri Tech was formed as a technology orientated company in 1980 to specifically develop and extend the range of Centrifugal casting equipment available. The company has maintained engineering design and consultancy offices as a major service. The company works closely with two associated family companies namely Centri Tech Ltd., and Centri Electric Ltd., with the former focusing on machine manufacturing and Centri Electric Ltd providing control system expertise. Gibson Centri Tech is maintained as the principal operation.

Where we operate

The company which owns offices and a factory, based in Lichfield, England, has always worked worldwide, with 90% of its products exported along with technical assistance and “know-how”. In 1992 Gibson Centri Tech received the prestigious Queens Award for Export. The company continues to sell equipment globally to many of the world’s leading foundries producing centrifugal casting.

Our products

Our engineering philosophy is to keep our products safe, strong and simple whilst maintaining a practical level of sophistication incorporating the latest technology. The range of equipment offered has grown into the largest range of centrifugal casting machinery available with specific products or variants purpose designed to customer’s requirements. This ensures the range of equipment offered is expanded and continuous development has taken place and is ongoing

Our people

Our marketing statement of ‘turning our experience to your advantage’ is backed up by a team of long standing staff and consultants fully experienced in the diverse range of products manufactured on Gibson Centri Tech machinery.


Whilst it may be difficult to claim that foundry products are environmentally friendly, the centrifugal process is relatively efficient, in most cases the elimination of sand re-cycling and low energy consumption for the casting machinery contributes to a reduction in emissions. Gibson Centri Tech pursues a policy of continuous improvement towards energy reduction.

Some examples of Centrifugal castings that can be produced on Gibson Centri Tech Machines:


Industry Item
Aeronautical Jet and Turbine Engine Components
Automotive Cylinder Liners, Piston Rings, Valve Seats
Building and Construction Rainwater/Sewerage Pipe, Flanges
Foundry Continuous Casting Rollers, Dies for Centrifugal Castings
Generating Bearings, Stators, Slip-Rings
Marine Bearings, Drive Hubs, Propellors, Engine Cylinder and Pump Liners
Petro Chemical Tubes for Reformer Furnaces
Paper Rolls, Suction Cylinders
Jewellery Ornamental Castings
Steel Rolls and Sleeves


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