Designing and Building Centrifugal Casting Machines.

Gibson Centri Tech Design StudioGibson Centri Tech uses the latest techniques to design Centrifugal Casting machine systems for businesses in many industries across the globe;  Our engineer’s solve even the toughest design problems quickly and efficiently using the latest techniques.

Our machine design team approach each project confidently, using their in-depth experience to their advantage. The team uses a dynamic approach, integrating creativity, ingenuity, objectivity and integrity.

The design team utilises an efficient design process – with our engineers using the best tools available for 2D and 3D modelling design.

Our engineers complete 3D designs of every customer’s centrifugal casting machine before any metal is cut. This allows design reviews to be presented in an easy to understand format, allowing a rapid and inexpensive development process. Gibson’s customers can then realistically visualise all component parts prior to machine manufacture, giving them a better understanding of each machine’s capabilities.

Gibson works closely with all of our customers, and they are an integral part of our design reviews helping us to ensure that each machine is delivered exactly as specified with no surprises.

Gibson utilises the customer’s requirements, objectives, and design constraints to provide the right automation solution for every customer. We offer a large range of solutions from prototypes, fully manual stand alone machines, manually loaded semi-automated machines to fully automated stand-alone and integrated Factory Automation Systems employing innovative Process Automation Technology.

Gibson understands the special requirements of centrifugal casting machines as we have a strong background serving the foundry industry and understand the harsh foundry environments that our machines are used in.

Gibson Centri-Techs engineers are experts in the design and building of centrifugal casting machines with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical drive mechanisms for virtually any project.

When we design your casting machine, we tailor the machine to your casting requirements.

Custom features are also available on Gibson’s machines; They can be equipped with custom features such as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). As with all of our automation systems, the Gibson systems are custom designed and built to fulfil the customer’s project requirements.

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