GCRH A Range – Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machines

GCRH A range Horizontal Centrifugal Casting MachineThe GCRH A range of horizontal centrifugal casting machines are a heavy duty machine with adjustable roller centers, ideal when flexibility is required with length and diameter of castings. This is a semi automatic machine and can be used in the production of reformer tubes and roll sleeves.

Model Mould min & max dia mmMould length mmTotal load including mould
GCRH 0A350 - 4501000 - 20003500 kg
GCRH 1A400 - 6001500 - 30007000 kg
GCRH 2A600 - 8003000 - 400010000 kg
GCRH 3A700 - 10003000 - 600015000 kg
GCRH 4A800 - 12004000 - 800025000 kg
GCRH XEA1200 - 22003000 - 700080000 KG

Other variations available on request, weights and sizes guide only please refer to load speed chart