Multi-head (Carousel) Centrifugal Casting Machines

Multi-head (Carousel) Centrifugal Casting Machines


These machines are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of medium and large OEM producers of cylinder liner castings. They can produce single liners or multiple lengths depending on size and type. High profile wet and diesel liners are usually Droduced in single pieces. Smaller automotive ow profile, wet or “cast in” block, these liners can be cast in lengths of four depending on the size. The multi-head machine offers a highly versatile alternative to tube type machine at low cost. Several versions are available to suit the production requirements and size of the castings.

AMH 6 (Carousel) centrifugal casting machine.

AMH 6(Carousel) centrifugal casting machine – Simulated Layout

The machines are fully automated and can employ either wet or dry coating methods.

One of the benefits of the multi-head is consistent production, the process variables are monitored and controlled at the critical points.

These include pouring temperature and die temperature. The latest control and instrumentation technology is incorporated into the equipment.

Production rates are dependant on the wall thickness of the casting. Typically a six head unit can consistently cycle at 45 seconds producing four cylinder liners per casting, giving an hourly production rate of 320 liners.

Machine on test prior to despatch

Machine on test prior to despatch

Six, eight, ten or twelve head models are available with various options, subject to customer requirements. These machines can produce thin wall liners at a rate of one every 33 seconds. This simple to operate but robust design provides greater reliability without undue sophistication.

Multi-head (Carousel) Centrifugal Casting Machines Main Features:

  • Moderate capital cost
  • PLC controlled with HM interface
  • Modern hydraulic system
  • Simple to maintain
  • Suitable for high production
  • Easy to install

CarouselTypical Casting size mm
Typical Casting size mm
Typical Casting size mm
Typical Casting Weights KgsApprox.Cycle Times subject to sizeNominal Rating KW
6 Head Compact602106005-2545 Seconds50
6 Head HD10035070020-7550 Seconds60
8 Head Compact602106005-7533 Seconds60
8 Head HD10035070020-7545 Seconds70
10 HeadDetails on Application
12 HeadDetails on Application

Other variations available on request, weights and sizes guide only please refer to load speed chart

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