Additional Foundry Equipment

Mould Coatings

Gibson Centri Tech produces two types ofMould Coatings mould coating specifically designed for centrifugal casting applications to assist traction on the coated surface allowing even flow of metal during the casting process, control cooling rates and enabling ease of extraction of the casting.

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Hand Spray Equipment

  • Hand Spray Equipment9.5 litre mould coating pressure vessel with agitator hand spray lance and hoses
  • 45 litre mould coating pressure vessel with agitator hand spray lance and hoses


Automated Spray Equipment

  • Automated Spray EquipmentPLC controlled
  • Built to suit length requirement
  • GCT spray software
  • Pressure vessel
  • Can be added to existing equipment


Tinning Bath

Tinning BathVarious sized Tinning Baths available to suit Customers’ requirements.


White metal melting pot

White metal melting potVarious sized white metal melting pots available to suit customers’ requirements.


Gasket preparation table

Gasket preparation tableHeavy duty steel constructed table complete with ring/gasket cutting machine cutting machine, straight edges, machine maintenance/production tools and bearing lifting equipment.


Bottom pour ladle

Bottom pour ladleBottom pour ladle for low temperature melting alloys such as tin and Babbitt, various sizes are available


Start Up Kit

This starter kit is ideal for new users to the Centrifugal Casting process.

  • Additional Foundry Equipment Start Up KitReference digital strobe
  • Mould contact pyrometer
  • Dressing Hydrometer
  • Coating thickness meter
  • Tool Box
  • Hand Tools including spanners & keys
  • Wire brushes
  • Hand spray gun
  • Sieve
  • Measuring jugs
  • Gas burner