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GCRH Range of Centrifugal Casting Machines

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The GCRH range of machines can be supplied with a variety of mould/casting handling equipment, which will be tailor-made to the customers exact requirements for production and budget.

GCRH Omicron Range

  • Entry level machine
  • Compact
  • Used in the production of light section tubular castings

GCRH R Range

  • Rigid fixed centre
  • Heavy duty
  • Ease of operation


GCRH A Range

  • Adjustable
  • Wide range of casting length and diameter
  • Semi Automatic
  • Used in the production of reformer tubes ad roll sleeves


GCRH A range machine


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GIFA 2019 25th – 29th June

We would like to thank everyone who visited us during our time at GIFA 2019 exhibition in Dusseldorf.  It was fantastic to see such a high turn over of visitors and exhibitors throughout the five days we were there.

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The Practice Of Centrifugal Casting

The practice of centrifugal casting involves using a centrifugal force. The force when a body is subject to a high velocity spinning action to exert pressure onto molten metal as it is poured into a die, this method has a number of advantages over traditional static die- casting methods.

Centrifugal force brings about an even distribution of metal and forces gases and other impurities out of the critical section of each casting, resulting in consistent, high quality output with superior physical properties.

By refining the operating techniques and upgrading its programmable machines with a number of innovative features Gibson Centri Tech Limited has improved still further the efficiency and productivity of a well established process.

The other advantages of centrifugal casting are:

  • Reduction of equipment cost

Centrifugal casting offers a substantial saving on capital equipment when compared to forged products

  • Reduction of manufacturing costs

The uniformity resulting from the centrifugal casting process means that machining time and material waste are significantly reduced, Blowholes, sand residue, hard spots, cavities and porosity are virtually eliminated.

  • Extensive life

Due to finer grain and denser structure of parts with centrifugal there is an increased usage life, greater endurance and impact without fracturing

  • Fewer castoffs

The force used to distribute the molten metal as it is poured is so strong it displaces the lighter oxides and impurities to the centre of the hollow cylinder. It is then easy to remove these impurities

  • Flexibility

The centrifugal process allows economical production of wide range of sizes, shapes and quantities.


In short centrifugal casting results in longer life, reduced rejects, reduction of manufacturing costs.

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Understanding Our Customers Requirements

Gibson Centri Tech Limited utilises the requirements, objectives and design constraints to provide the right automation solution for every customer. We offer a large range of solutions from prototypes, fully manual stand alone machines, manually loaded semi-automated machines to fully automated stand alone and integrated factory systems employing innovative process automation technology.

Our engineers are experts in the design and building of centrifugal casting machines with electric pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical drive mechanisms for virtually any project.

Custom features are also available on Gibson’s machines; they can be equipped with custom feature such as SCADA (supervisory control and data Acquisition). As with all of our automation systems, the Gibson systems are custom designed and build to fulfil the customers project requirements.


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Full Technical Support

The Gibson Centri Tech Limited Technical team uses the latest techniques to design your centrifugal casting machines.  Our Engineers solve even the toughest design problems quickly and efficiently using the latest techniques. Our Engineers use the latest AutoCAD 2D and Inventor 3D to complete the designs of every customers centrifugal casting machine before any metal is cut. This allows design reviews to be presented in an easy to understand format, allowing a rapid and inexpensive development process. Our customers can then realistically visualise all component parts prior to machine manufacture, giving them a better understanding of each machines capabilities.


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Spares and Repairs for Your Centrifugal Casting Machine

To assist our customers in the event of break downs or natural wear and tear. We can arrange for the delivery and fitting of replacement parts for our equipment including both Gibson Centri Tech Limited manufactured and bought out items.


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Horizontal And Vertical Process

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It is Acknowledged that both Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Casting can be used with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The same machines can cast ferrous and non ferrous, the only difference is some process features have to be tailored to suit the alloy such as:

  • Spinning speeds
  • Pouring rate
  • Mould temperature
  • Molten metal temperature
  • Mould coating
  • Water Cooling

Horizontal Centrifugal Casting

Is best applied to castings of greater length than diameter and which have cylindrical bore. This is why you will commonly find tubes between 300mm to 6000mm long. It is possible to create shaped casting horizontally using a shaped mould or sand inserts.

Vertical Casting

This is commonly used for cylindrical shapes where the diameter exceeds the length or height of the casting one, exception to this are steel mill rolls where using a roller guide system, castings with a longer length to the diameter are manufactured this is to allow the manufacture of solid castings.

It can also be used for complex castings shapes such as Ball Valves and Propellers.

Due to the gravitational pull while pouring the material a parabolic effect takes place in the bore, this can be altered by changing the speed for casting.

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Carousel Range of Centrifugal Casting Machines

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One of our high profile Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machines is the Carousel (Multi-head) Machine. The Carousel Machine range is designed and manufactured to meet the production requirements of medium and large OEM producers of cylinder liners. These machines can produce single liners or multiple lengths depending on size and type. Profiled diesel liners are usually produced in single pieces. Smaller automotive low profile wet or “cast in” block, these liners can be cast in lengths of four depending on the size. The Carousel Centrifugal Casting Machine offer a highly versatile alternative to conventional tube type machines.

The machines are fully automated and can employ either wet or dry coating methods. One of the key elements of the carousel machine is the consistent production the critical points are monitored and controlled throughout the production process. These include pouring temperature and die temperature. The latest control and instrumentation technology are incorporated into the equipment.

Production rates are dependent on wall thickness of the casting. Typically, a six head unit can consistently cycle at 45 seconds producing four cylinder liners per casting, giving an hourly production rate of 320 liners.

Several versions of this centrifugal casting machine are available to suit the production, budgetary requirements and size or type of castings being produced. Six, eight, ten or twelve head models are available with various options, subject to the customers requirements. The reliability of these machines has been proven in the field. In the last five years the company has had repeatable orders from customers in India and the USA, who have purchased various versions of this machine range for their facilities.

This simple to operate but robust design provides greater reliability without undue sophistication.

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Bank Holiday

We are closed for the May Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May. We will open as normal from 9.00am on Tuesday 7th May.


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We will be closed for the Easter Holiday’s from Friday 19th April and our office will be back open on Tuesday 23rd April at 9.00am. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.