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Excellence in Centrifugal Casting Machines

Whenever and wherever there is a need for centrifugal casting we can provide the most appropriate machine for the effective implementation for our customers’ requirements.

We specialise in a steadily expending range of centrifugal casting machines and equipment. We are ready to accelerate our ranges in response to the changing needs of the foundry industry.

We recognise that our success is owed to the exceptional team spirit of our staff. As an organisation majoring in design innovation, we have on hand a dedicated team who always provide the best possible customer care and technical assistance.

Gibson Centri tech Limited continually strive to achieve the highest level of excellence.


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Leadership Through Innovation in Centrifugal Casting Machines

We manufacture Centrifugal Casting Machines and Equipment Associated with Centrifugal Casting Machines.

We offer Technical Assistance and advice to customers who are new to the Centrifugal Casting Process. This service includes process and Application, Preparation of new plant and workshop layouts, project installation technical training and “know how transfer”.


90% of our machines are exported worldwide, our customers vary from some of the largest companies in the world to small operations, this leads to a variation in their expectations and requirements. This is initially discussed with the customer at the enquiry stage and during contract negotiations, once the order is received this is documented in the scope of work and reiterated in the initial design meetings and subsequent production meetings.

Machines are rigorously tested to make certain that they comply to the health and safety requirements and customers’ expectations.

Prior to despatch all documentation manuals test certificates are collated and required documentation sent to customer or filed accordingly.

Health and safety is taken very seriously. We ensure that regular checks are maintained and that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in respect to health and safety.


We offer extensive support to all our customers with regards to the best possible transportation solution. We work closely with our approved transportation supplier, ensuring that our Customers order is delivered to them on time and with minimal disruption and that all export documentation is correct and relevant.

Continued success is own to our ability to provide all of our customers with the best possible customer service to meet and exceed all of their required expectations. We know that communication with all our customers is paramount.

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The Carousel Range of Centrifugal Casting Machines

One of our high-profile horizontal machine ranges is the Carousel (Multi- Head) machine. The carousel machine range is designed and manufactured to meet the production requirements of medium and large OEM producers of cylinder liners. These machines can produce single liners or multiple lengths depending on size and type.

Centrifugal Casting Machines


Profiled wet and diesel liners are usually produced in single pieces. Smaller automotive low profile wet or “cast in” block, these liners can be cast in lengths of four depending on the size. The carousel machine offers a highly versatile alternative to conventional tube type machines.

The machines are fully automated and can employ either wet or dry coating methods. One of the key elements of the carousel machine is the consistent production, the critical points are monitored and controlled throughout the production process. These include pouring temperature and die temperature. The latest control and instrumentation technology are incorporated into the equipment.

Production rates are dependent on wall thickness of the casting. Typically, a six head unit can consistently cycle at 45 seconds producing four cylinder liners per casting, giving an hourly production rate of 320 liners.

Several versions of this machine are available to suit the production, budgetary requirements and size or type of castings being produced. Six, eight, ten or twelve head models are available with various options, subject to the customers requirements. Variants of these machines can produce thin wall liners at a rate of one every 35 seconds.

The reliability of these machines has been proven in the field. In the last five years we have had repeatable orders from customers in India and the USA who have purchased various versions of this machine range for their facilities.

This simple to operate but robust design provides greater reliability without undue sophistication.

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Alpha Gyra 1 Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine

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The loading of our Alpha Gyra 1 Horizontal Centrifugal casting machine. This machine is now on its way to our customer in the USA. The Alpha Gyra 1 is a popular range of Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machines. This machine will suit all the needs of the manufacture of smaller sized centrifugal castings i.e. cylinder liners, valve seals, bushes and worm gear blanks etc….
For more information on this horizontal machine range or to request a quotation, then contact our sales team:

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Company Brochure

This photograph was taken back in 2016, when we completely changed the format of our company brochure. We have been continually updating our brochures since then.

To request our current brochure, which contains information on all of our centrifugal casting machines and associated equipment, click on our brochure tab and complete your company details and return back to us. We’ll then email a copy of our brochure over to you.

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Centri Stream Inoculant Unit

We currently have available a stock Centri Stream  Metal Inoculant Unit to purchase at a discounted list price. Contact our sales team for further information:


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Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Gibson Centri Tech Limited Celebrates it’s 40th Birthday today.

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Refurbished VBT 3 – Vertical Axis Machine

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We currently have a refurbished VBT 3 machine in stock.

The VBT range is a mid sized vertical casting machine. It is a robust pit mounted machine. This machine is popular for making stainless steel ball valves and various medium sized castings.

The main features of this machine are:
Robust construction
Pit mounted
Steel tank
Can be used for all production of roll sleeves, large bushes & stainless steel ball valves etc…….

The VBT 3 refurbished machine has lots of new parts including; control panel, tank and bearing. The VBT 3 refurbished machine is supplied with a 1850mm faceplate, other sizes are available on request.

For more information or to request a machine quotation, contact our sales team:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 418 701

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Refurbished Machine – UGV 0 – Vertical Axis Machine

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We currently have a refurbished UGV 0 machine in stock.

The UGV range is an entry level machine popular with Universities and Technical Colleges. This machine is floor mounted and no special foundations are required:

The Main feature of this machine are:

Flour mounted
Simple to use
Can be used in the production of rings, bushes, gear wheels and pipe flanges etc…







For more information or to request a machine quotation, contact our sales team:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 418 701

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Stock Machine – GML Mini (Babbitt Machine)

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We currently have a stock GML Mini (Babbitt Machine) available to purchase at a discounted list price.

The GML machines are used by leading companies world-wide to produce; rolling mill, power generation and tanker stern tube bearings. These machines are specifically designed to safely and economically cast white metal (Babbitt) into ferrous and non-ferrous housings in the form of bushes, shells, half shells and shaped shells.

The Main features of this machine are:

Dual faceplate
Electric control desk
Hydraulic power unit
Variable speed drive system
Hydraulic clamping
Modern PLC and HMI controls


For more information or to request a machine quotation, contact our sales team:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 418 701