Applications of Centrifugal Castings
Some of the Applications of Centrifugal Castings, that can be produced on Gibson Centri Tech Limited’s Centrifugal Casting Machines.

AeronauticalJet & Turbine Engine Components.
AutomotiveCylinder Liners, Valve Seats, Piston Rings, Bearings.
Boiler-MakingTube Plates, Flanges.
Building and ConstructionRainwater/Sewerage Pipes, Flanges.
FurnaceFurnace Rollers, Radiant Tubes, Salt Baths, Blow Pipes.
FoundryContinuous Casting Rollers, Dies for Centrifugal Castings.
General EngineeringBearings, Bushes, Thrust Washers, Gear Blanks, Cylinder Barrels, Seals, Crane Barrels, Bearing Cages for Ball and Roller Bearings, Duplex Castings, Centrifuge Bowls, Pump Impellers, Rotors, Compressor Liners, Flanges and Pressure Vessels.
GeneratingStators, Slip-rings.
JewelleryOrnamental Castings.
MarineBearings, Drive Hubs, Propellers, Engine and Pump Liners.
MiningBearings, Cushion Rollers, Conveyor Rollers.
Nuclear PowerPrimary Loop Pipes, Pump Barrels.
Oil RingsPump Cylinders.
PaperRolls, Suction Cylinders.
Petro ChemicalTubes for Reformer Furnaces.
PrintingDuct Rollers, Printing Blankets, Plate Cylinders.
Rolling MillsMill Rolls, Roll Out Table Rollers, Back Up Sleeves, Screw Boxes.
TurbineCastings and Shrouds.
ValveValve Bodies, Valve Yolks.