Mould Coating for Centrifugal Castings

mould_coatingOne of the vital areas to consider when centrfugal casting is the spraying of the inside of the mould with a coating. This performs several functions including protecting the mould, aiding extraction and providing even chilling of the castings. For these reasons suitable mould coating material and spray equipment should be used.

Gibson Centri Tech produces two types of mould coatings  designed for centrifugal casting applications to assist traction on the coated surface, allowing an even flow of metal during the casting process, controlling cooling rates and enabling ease of extraction of the casting.

Systematic mould preparation brings the benefit of providing long-term scrap reduction.

For the best results the mould surface must be completely free from dust traces from the previous cast. Failure to completely clean the whole mould surface runs the risk of coating spalling for the next cast, resulting in sticking or defective casting surfaces. The mould should be pre-heated to correct temperature to aid adhesion.

Silica based mould coating GCT300/3

Is suitable for

  • Most steel alloys
  • Cast Iron
  • All non ferrous metals

Alumina based mould coating ALLU/D

Is suitable for

Steel Alloys

  • Steel Alloys
  • Steel Alloys
  • All nonferrous metals
  • All ferrous metals

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All local health and safety legislation should be adhered to when using mould coating.


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