Omicron Centrifugal Casting Machine (entry level R type)

Omicron centrifugal casting machine

Omicron centrifugal casting machine

The Omicron is an entry level compact centrifugal casting machine used in the production of light section tubular castings. The Omicron is GCRH (Gyra-Caster Roller Horizontal) R type machine, available in 3 sizes capable to produce the following castings.

ModelMould dia min & max mm Mould length mm Max mould/casting weight kg
Omicron S150 - 510600 - 10002000
Omicron M150 - 5101000 - 15002000
Omicron L150 - 5101500 - 20002000

*Subject to load speed graph

Omicron Centrifugal Casting Machine Manufacturer – Gibson Centri Tech Ltd