Babbitt centrifugal casting machines

GML-2 Babbitt Centrifugal Casting MachineThe GML machines are used by leading companies world-wide for the lining of all types of bearings including; rolling mill, power generation and tanker stern tubes.

These machines are specifically designed to safely and economically cast white metal (Babbitt) into ferrous and non-ferrous housings in the form of bushes, bearings, half shells and shaped shells.

White metal lining bearing shells by the centrifugal method, increases profit potential considerably, at the same time producing high quality surface bonding. Through-put in your plant could be considerably increased with failure risk virtually eliminated.

Babbitt Centrifugal Casting Machines: Main Features

  • Eight Models available to suit all sizes of bearing.
  • Dual clamping system for added safety.
  • Programmable lining cycles can be provided to suit customers requirements.
GML 3.5 Typical Plant Layout

GML 3.5 Typical Plant Layout


General Metal Liner Machines

Suitable for the production of bearings for the following industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Steel works
  • Chemical Plants
  • Mining
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Marine
  • Cement

These include bearings for; Generators, Turbines, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Pumps, Engines, Crushers, Motors, Stern Tubes, Bore Mills, Fans and Seal Rings for a variety of applications.

GML Mini0 250 mm250 mm2.2
GML 00 430 mm200 mm4.0/5.5
GML 10 600 mm600 mm5.5
GML 1.50 650 mm1000 mm7.5/11
GML 20 910 mm900 mm15/22
GML 2.50 1220 mm1350 mm22
GML 30 1700 mm2000 mm30/45
GML 3.50 2050 mm2000 mm45