Durville “Tilt Casting” Machine

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Durville “Tilt Casting” Machine

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Dross forming alloys require pouring techniques that minimise turbulence. The Durville process reduces mould entry turbulence  and is particularly useful for producing high integrity  ingots for onward forging or special casting in a variety of alloys such as high nickel, non- ferrous, aluminium and bronze.

These machines are available in four standard sizes and are constructed from tubular, heavy fabrications, machined where appropriate for bearing and propriety part location. The drive system is guarded for safety purposes by sheet steel enclosures.

A variable speed drive unit is connected to a revolving/tilting table by means of a high torque chain system. The turning  speed is controlled by a solid state invertor unit and is infinitely variable within the speed range to give accurate control of the tilting speed. The machines, depending upon customer requirements, can be mobile or static, with the larger units having remote controls.


The Images shows machine
model DC 3.5