Gibson Centri Tech Limited – Spray Equipment

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Gibson Centri Tech Limited – Spray Equipment

One of the vital areas to consider when centrifugal casting is the spraying of the inside of the mould with a coating. This performs several functions including protecting your mould, aiding extraction and providing even chilling of your casting. For these reasons a suitable mould coating material and spray equipment should be used. 

10 litre or 40 litre feed containers with hand spray gun supplied for up to 2.0 metre mould length. 

Gibson can also supply mould coating materials both alumina and silica based. 

The most cost effective method of applying coating is hand spraying and in many cases this is acceptable. Depending on the finish and consistency you wish to achieve from your casting, an automated spraying system may be required. For applications like cylinder liners and thin wall castings, automatic spraying would be used to give consistent and repeatable levels of coating. this can also help to reduce machining allowances. 

For more information on spray equipment, contact Tracey Anne in our Sales Department:

Spray Equipment