Leadership Through Innovation

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Leadership Through Innovation

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Gibson Centri Tech Limited is acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of technologically advanced Centrifugal Casting Machines.

Established on 1980 by Douglas and Martin Gibson, we have remained at the forefront of Development in the Design and manufacture of Centrifugal Casting Systems.


The services we provide include:

  • Process and Application
  • Preparation of New Plant and Workshop layouts
  • Projects Installation technical training and “know how transfer”

“We understand the unique environment of the foundry and we design and manufacture equipment accordingly”

All of our Centrifugal Casting Machines are designed and manufactured in house using the latest CAD software and CNC equipment.

Beginning with the careful evaluation of customers requirements, we will select the most efficient centrifugal casting equipment and process. Every stage of manufacture is under the company’s control and precise dimensional accuracy is assured. Prior to delivery, each machine is assembled and workshop tested to the most rigorous standards. Our extensive experience in project management and commissioning ensures that every aspect of the scheme is coordinated to meet production deadlines and all the necessary performance criteria.