New to the Centrifugal Casting Process?

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New to the Centrifugal Casting Process?

New to the centrifugal casting process? Do you have any concerns with regards to how this process can benefit your organisation? Our technical team are experts in the design and manufacture of centrifugal casting machines. Our technical team are always on hand to provide support and guidance.

Below are a few examples of frequently asked questions which we receive:

Should I use a horizontal or vertical casting machine to manufacture my product?”

The general rule is if the diameter exceeds the length, vertical centrifugal castings are more suitable. However, there are exceptions, solid castings can only be made vertically. Some alloys are more suitable for vertical centrifugal casting and sometimes people just prefer either the horizontal or vertical method.

What information do you need to quote a suitable centrifugal casting machine?

We will send you a basic questionnaire which will detail all required fields, but principally the information we require is: I/D, O/D, Length, material and quantity of the castings which you wish to produce.

“We have no experience in centrifugal casting and are worried about our ability to manufacture a successful product”

Gibson Centri Tech Limited can help you with every stage of the process, from guiding you with the selection of your equipment, we can also offer layout drawings of your foundry as well as installing the equipment and providing “Know how” training.

“What are the latest developments in centrifugal casting machinery? “

Gibson Centri Tech Limited believe in continual improvement in our equipment. While the designs can trace their roots back thirty or forty years they have been endlessly improved to meet modern safety standards while embracing the latest technology. The level of  automation has increased and where appropriate incorporating servo drives and robotics.