The Advantages of Centrifugal Castings

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The Advantages of Centrifugal Castings

The process is ideally suitable for producing cylindrically shaped castings dispensing with the need for casting cores, feeders and sand moulds. Whilst it is a natural choice for many tubular products the process is not limited to these only. The principal benefits of the process include the promotion directional solidification, reduction or elimination of gas and porosity defects.

The process can be mechanized for high production with the advantage of permanent metallic chill moulds which instigate the casting cooling at the exterior surface. Giving progressive cooling under the pressure of pseudo dynamic centrifugal force. Castings with greater density, strength and higher purity can be achieved under controlled conditions.

A range of materials can be centrifugally cast including most metals. The process can be beneficial with certain alloys in obtaining specific metallurgical structures essential to the final product.

The size and shape of the casting will influence the cooling rate and progressive solidification within the casting. The bore of the casting is usually last to solidify enabling low density particles and micro porosity shrinkage to be subsequently machined away.

In conclusion properly produced centrifugal castings can have :

  • Higher Strength
  • Consistent uniform metallurgy
  • Fine Grain
  • Higher Purity
  • Denser homogenous structure
  • Freedom from gas defects

Production Benefits can be

  • Energy savings when compared with other processes
  • High production rates
  • Consistency
  • Quality